About Mahalaxmi Auto Loom Spares

Company Profile

We introduce ourselves as one of the largest and well known suppliers of all Types of Textile Weaving Spares for Shuttle Less Looms, Cimmco Auto Looms and Power Looms. From 1988 we are serving as suppliers of all types of Weaving Spares. Our success in the Textile Weaving markets is dedicated to our Valuable Customers from all over India and abroad. We have products of well-known brands like - Taichang, China- Grippers and its spares, Lamiflex Gripper Tapes, abc - Healds, Drop Wires, Temples and Temple Rings.

Also we have wide range of PIACANOL -GTM,GTX,Gammax, VAMATEX-Leonardo, P1001, SOMET Thema11e , SM92/93, China Rapier Spares and STAUBALI/FIMTEXTILE Dobby Spares. We look forward to any trade inquiries related to our business or any Suggestions / Comments by our valued customers and suppliers worldwide.

We, Mahalaxmi Auto Loom Spares are the leading suppliers in Textile Machineries and its Spares from 27 years. Our customers are top international companies among others whom we sell quality product for Picanol, Somet, Vamatex.

Our constant attention enables us to understand opportunity the needs of the customers and to offer them a whole range of accessories, which can meet either customer’s standard request for spare parts, or their more complex working problems with reliable and safe solution. Our whole range of accessories and spare parts are always available in ready stock and service/advice from our well experienced engineers is at your disposal day by day anytime.

We feel confident in providing a very good service and quality products to individuals or companies.